About Us

Now more than ever, your public relations effort must be pugnacious.

The landscape of earned, owned, shared, and paid media is constantly changing. People are bombarded with noise and clutter, online and off-line. The winner in the battle for attention is the one with real tenacity. Pugnacious PR, a California-based public relations consultancy, is the scrappy squad you need in your corner.

Pugnacious PR is mostly Spencer Moore, supported by a grumble of pugs and specialists coast-to-coast. For nearly three decades, Spencer has directed award-winning public relations and marketing communications programs reaping impactful results for dozens of noted companies, brands, institutions and start-ups.

The pugnacious team gains inspiration from our mascot, Ube (ooo-beh), our founder’s precocious pug. Pugs have been described as multum in parvo, which translates from Latin as “a lot in a little.” It’s a fitting motto of our firm, too. While few in number, we’re each equipped with senior experience combined with an insatiable curiosity for knowledge and a knack for knowing where to go to for what. That means finding the answer to a new question, or simply expanding our breadth of knowledge through the strategic partnerships and special contacts we’ve garnered worldwide.

Pugnacious PR’s work is focused around sectors such as real estate, architecture/design, education, consumer goods, food & beverage, beer & spirits, pet products, health care, consumer tech, and nonprofits. It’s important to like what you do and be proud of what you push. Pugnacious PR becomes passionate about our clients’ businesses, ramping up quickly to be valuable from the get-go. We craft creative strategies that amplify our clients’ business objectives and deliver cost-effective results. Get PUGNACIOUS.